Kahve Dünyasi (Turkey)

Kahve Dünyasi (Turkey)

Kahve Dünyasi is a Superbrand.

Kahve Dünyasi offers Turkish consumers an unparalleled coffee shop experience, offering freshly produced coffees, chocolates, ice creams and baked goods served tableside or sold over the counter, directly “from the producer to the consumer”.

Kahve Dünyasi began as a coffee bean importer in the 1970s and soon established a coffee plant and cocoa and chocolate plant. It’s first outlet opened in Eminönü, Istanbul, in 2004 and met with great success thanks to a warm welcome reflecting Turkish hospitality.

Kahve Dünyasi’s coffees, chocolates, ice creams and baked goods use only the finest quality ingredients, without additives, and are delivered to consumers in the freshest form possible.

Kahve Dünyasi offers 68 varieties of coffee, including Turkish coffee and espresso; instant coffee, cappuccino, mocha and flavored coffees; Americano and caffé latte; salep and regional coffees; and iced coffees.

Using only 100% real chocolate from the finest quality cocoa beans, the variety of Kahve Dünyasi chocolates include madeleines, delights, marzipans, specialties, truffles, chocolate coated flavors, dragées, Bonte, tablet chocolates, and Roche and Beyoğ lu Chocolates.

Kahve Dünyasi ice cream uses the finest quality and freshest ingredients, and contains 100% salep. The many popular flavours include Vanilla, Chocolate, Pistachio, Gummy, and Hazelnut. Other favorites are sorbets made with 100% real fruit, and frozen yoghurt, with the texture of ice cream.

Kahve Dünyasi also serves cakes, cookies, sandwiches, quiches and croissants, all prepared using homemade recipes and natural Ingredients.

In the spirit of Turkish hospitality, Kahve Dünyasi welcomes patrons to feel at home, offering delicious and refreshing products made with the finest ingredients, and served in a pleasant, comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

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