Emborg (UAE)

Emborg (UAE)

Emborg is a Superbrand.

Emborg is a global player in the market for fast moving consumer goods within foods. Consumers today insist upon high quality food products with a sense of the “real thing”, at affordable prices. A product’s origin and appearance are of greater importance and impulse buying has diminished.

Emborg Foods was founded in 1947 by Danish businessman, Erik Emborg as a family business, and was a pioneer in frozen foods. In 1960 Emborg was introduced in the Middle East, offering a portfolio of products including beef burgers, steaks, poultry and canned seafood. In the 1980s the product line was expanded to include frozen vegetables and chicken franks, which was a great success in the Middle Eastern region.

Today Emborg is a global brand with more than 300 products, marketed in 84 countries. The company employs 653 people around the world and has a close partnership with their worldwide distributors.

Emborg frozen vegetables are a consumers’ favourite, due to their premium quality. Selected from European farming areas with the best growing conditions, Emborg frozen vegetables are peeled, washed, rinsed and quick frozen within hours of harvest, retaining the vitamins, minerals and flavour found in freshly harvested vegetables.

Emborg dairy products includes UHT milk, butter, and a variety of cheeses delivered by carefully selected European suppliers and Uhrenholt’s own dairy, which produces award winning cheeses including Havarti and Danish Fontina. Frozen seafood offerings include both warm and cold water shrimp, and a variety of both farmed and wildly caught ocean skinless fish fillets.

In 2010 Emborg implemented an extensive design update, emphasising the premium quality that Emborg delivers by incorporating a deep, royal purple colour. To inspire consumers, each package illustrates a delicious serving together with a recipe, and also includes a brief story describing the origin of the product.

With the belief that a tasteful meal starts with natural ingredients, Emborg allows consumers to ‘Bring the real taste home.’ With expertise and passion, Uhrenholt A/S offers only the finest quality products marketed in the Middle East, which are Halal certified and originate from critically selected and high quality producers worldwide.

The essence of the Emborg brand is to bring real taste into the homes of consumers, as reflected in their slogan ‘Bring the real taste home’.

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