E.C.A. (Turkey)

ECA (Turkey)

The E.C.A. brand operates as a construction and heating group, manufacturing and distributing taps & mixers, valves, combi boilers, and panel radiators.

The SEREL brand which completes E.C.A. in the construction group manufactures its ceramic sanitary ware and reaches its consumer nationwide with a dealer and service network as wide as E.C.A.’s.

The origin of the Elginkan Group dates back to 1951, when the Ekrem Elginkan Engineering office was founded in Ankara. The group’s founders were Ahmet Elginkan and his sons Ekrem and Cahit under the name Ekrem, Cahit and Ahmet Elginkan Collective Partnership. This partnership created the brand “ECA,” after the initials of Ekrem, Cahit and Ahmet in 1957.

E.C.A. introduced the “mixer tap” to the Turkish market, and in 1999 developed the “Mix 2000″ line, introducing the concept of “water efficiency.”

E.C.A. entered the heating sector with a solid fuel burning stove in 1985, and now leads the sector with a wide range of products, including combi boilers, panel radiators, central heating systems, gas and electrical water heaters, solar collectors and valve products.

E.C.A. introduced Turkey’s first digital faucet with the “Electra Series” in 2011, answering all consumer needs for water usage with a single series of technological, efficient and comfortable products for the bathroom and kitchen.

In 2012, the company developed a new product-oriented advertising campaign, which includes 3D animations for the E.C.A. Electra Series, E.C.A. Confeo Premix, panel radiators and thermostatic valves.

The principles of the Elginkan Group are to live “together for years”, “maintain a healthy growth”, “honest of work practices”, and to acknowledge “the groups’ employees as their largest asset.

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