LG Electronics (Portugal)

LG Electronics Portugal is a Superbrand.

With a mission that involves the creation of a system that ensures a better environment and happier people, LG pursues the vision of becoming a true global leader in consumer technology, contributing to making life better for its customers, every day.

LG is a market leader in developing innovative technology in consumer electronics, mobile communications and home appliances, offering consumers innovative solutions for:

– Mobile Communications;
– Home Entertainment;
– Home Appliances;
– Information Solutions; and
– Air Conditioning & Energy.

In each of these areas, LG’s products strive for technological quality, for savings, for trust, for innovation and for premium design.

LG Signature, the new brand philosophy, embodies the brand’s mission to be responsive to customers’ needs, bringing together the best of technology and design in high quality products from its various business areas under a single name.

For the mobile segment, we highlight the LG G4 at the top of the product line and a global market leader, which features breakthrough innovations in camera technology, providing the highest quality resolution,sharpness,speed and versatility available, acclaimed by regular users and photo experts alike.

Additionally, we highlight the category of wearables, the latest innovation in smartwatches – the LG GWatch.

In the segment of TVs, LG’s products are unique with the exclusive OLED technology. The focus of the brand in this range of products clearly makes a difference, particularly in terms of image quality and colour, and detail and reality content.

In a transversal way, while striving to connect with it’s customers, the LG brand will continue to offer strong benefits and continue the promise to offer “Innovation for a Better Life”.

Superbrands: The most respected universal seal of enduring excellence.