Laurel (Hungary)

Laurel is a Business Superbrand.

With 23 years of experience regarding the development, implementation, integration, operation and maintenance of supply chain solutions, Laurel is a seasoned expert in retail and enterprise IT solutions.

With Laurel’s solutions, retail chains and shop owners utilize a supply chain system which facilitates an overview of the store at a few clicks of a button, including a clear-cut, easy-to-process inventory, profit margins, discount sales results, and cash flow for each register.

The company’s Laura system, which combines complex solutions with user-friendly, graphic user interface, is being used on nearly 5,000 cash registers throughout Hungary, from the smallest shops to major superstores.

Laurel is committed to ongoing innovation, increasing its partners’ efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Laurel’s retail system received a complete technological makeover in late 2014, and received the first authority license in Hungary for tablet-based cash registers.

Laurel has also developed price-check kiosks, offering consumers the price of a product, and also product ingredients and a detailed product description.

As part of the “Future Store” project in 2010, Laurel assumed a pioneer role in Hungary in developing its self-scanning shopping assistant application.

The dynamic approach of Laurel in the field of technology resembles the competitive spirit behind sports, and in that spirit, Laurel has sponsored many athletes and sporting clubs, among them quad bike racer Zoltán Hangodi and rally driver Krisztián Hideg.

Laurel’s success lies in continual innovation and improvement. Rather than merely selling their product, Laurel keeps the entire system under control — from defining requirements and parameters, through system development and installation, personnel training and follow-up.

Laurel’s consulting and advanced service provision empowers its partners to accomplish more efficient and competitive business operations.

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