100plus (Malaysia)

100plus is a Superbrand.

100plus has become an icon in the sports and active lifestyle beverage market, and is ubiquitous in sport facilities all over Malaysia.

100plus was launched in Malaysia in 1983. Ahead of its time targeting a sports and active lifestyle, success did not come easily at first. The company worked tirelessly and continued to invest resources, time and effort into promoting the brand to the sporting community, and as of 2015, 100plus holds 88% of the isotonic beverage market in Malaysia.

Studies have shown that in one hour of sustained physical exercise, the body can lose up to two litres of water, resulting in fatigue affecting both physical and mental performance. Easily assimilated into the body, isotonic solutions are ideal in replenish lost fluids and electrolytes.

100plus’ scientifically-tested isotonic formulation of carbohydrates, electrolytes and water enables faster and more effective hydration, enhancing a person’s capability to perform at his or her peak. In a recent study, 100plus was clinically proven to rehydrate and re-energise faster, and provides 43% more endurance, than water alone.

The growing awareness and benefit of isotonic hydration continues to keep 100plus relevant to consumers beyond the world of sports who wish to achieve daily peak performance.

The brand’s ability to empower consumers across a wide cross-section has propelled 100plus to become Malaysia’s number one isotonic drink, as well as the topselling brand within the ready-to-drink beverage market.

Over the years 100plus has received numerous accolades as testimony to its success in Malaysia. Most recently 100plus was presented with the Putra Brand Awards 2014 – Gold Award in the Non-Alcoholic Beverage category.

100plus hosted its very first running event with the 100plus Outrunner campaign which saw a total of 10,000 participants signing up in a short span of two weeks. The event was also the first-ever running event in the world to feature drones as an active part of the race.

100plus continues to build optimism and consumer confidence by inspiring the market with its creativity and determination. This goes beyond the realm of sports, touching and energizing all those who aspire to push their limits, and achieve greatness, on or off the playing field.

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