Jasmine Rice (Malaysia)

Jasmine is a Superbrand.

From a little known brand to a household name, Jasmine is the brand of choice for Malaysians. Jasmine’s success has been achieved through a commitment to quality, instilling the Jasmine brand name in the minds of consumers.

With over 2,000 brands, the rice industry in Malaysia is an extremely competitive market where only the fittest survives. As a market leader, the Jasmine name stands out as a brand that is trusted and recognised for its quality and commitment to consumers.

Jasmine offers over 25 products, including white, fragrant, basmathi, calrose, glutinuous and brown rice varieties, which can be found in over 9800 outlets across Malaysia.

Jasmine has always been at the forefront in the development of many new and innovative products, and is the market leader in the fragrant rice category. Jasmine also introduced the high quality 1121 basmathi variety from India, through PusaGold.

In 2011, Jasmine introduced Royal Siam, a new variety of fragrant rice into the market. As the name suggests, Royal Siam is of the highest quality and befitting royalty. Imported from Thailand, it is uniquely vacuum packed at source to retain its freshness and quality.

The brand name Jasmine itself is trusted and recognised for both quality and commitment to consumers, and the growing number of awards and endorsements received is a further testament of the highly respected position Jasmine has achieved in the minds of consumers.

Jasmine’s philosophy is that their customers deserve the best their money can buy. To demonstrate this commitment, Jasmine provides a money-back guarantee, protecting the consumer should he or she be dissatisfied with their purchase. This reflects the full confidence the company has on its products.

Quality, trustworthiness and commitment are virtues that are earned. Jasmine is proud of the loyal following it has developed with consumers, for it is precisely that support and loyalty that ultimately drives the brand. It also serves as the motivation to drive the entire group, and to ensure consumers get the best — as only the best will do!

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