Köstritzer (Germany) – German

In a world of global commerce and competition, excellence matters above all else.

Outstanding brands distinguish themselves through collaborative enterprise, creative marketing, and superior products. These are exceptional brands which stand apart, elevating themselves to the prestigious distinction of being named a Superbrand.

Köstritzer is a Superbrand.

The Thuringian company reference on a remarkable outcome, because since 1995 Köstritzer is the best-liked black beer of the Germans.

Köstritzer is the most-loved black beer in Germany. The speciality now has a market share about 30 Percent in the segment of bottom-fermented dark beer and is brand leader in 13 federal states by far.

Köstritzer black beer is admired and sought abroad like never before. Meanwhile the delicacy of Thuringia can be enjoyed in over 58 countries.

Also with great international success the new “Köstritzer Kellerbier” and the “Köstritzer Meisterwerke”. As these specialities also have a “real” character.

Köstritzer is a reliable and strong partner for sports for more than 20 years now. An engagement for which the brewery owns the official title “Förderer des Thuringian sports since 1993″.

Furthermore Köstritzer is supporter of art and culture in Thuringia and also of national events.

Despite about 200 competitors, the market share is 30 percent and the specialty brand has owns the leading position in the market for over 20 years.

Superbrands: the international award for sustainable excellence.