Konig Pilsener (Germany) – German

In a world of global commerce and competition, excellence matters above all else.

Outstanding brands distinguish themselves through collaborative enterprise, creative marketing, and superior products. These are exceptional brands which stand apart, elevating themselves to the prestigious distinction of being named a Superbrand.

Konig Pilsener is a Superbrand.

A “König Pilsener”, as the name implies, focuses on the production in the Pilsener kind of brewing. Especially in the Top-Hotel Business and in the gastronomy the Brewery from Duisburg counts to the basic equipment with its hit product and its nonalcoholic Pils.

The bottom-fermented “Vollbier” has a strike of 11,3% and tastes off-dry. Of course a König Pilsener is brewed regarding to the german purity law, so there is just water, hops and malt in usage.

In 1858 Theodor König founded the König-Brewery in the “niederrheinischen Landgemeinde Beeck” between Dusiburg and Wesel. At a time where they still favoured simple, top-fermented beer, he decided – which was against the “trend” of his time – to brew in the elaborate Pilsener kind of brewing.

When you gave your best and you devoted to a task with full commitment, then you should reward yourself with class and grab a König Pilsener.

The brand focus on merging the feeling of consideration with “the Pilsener competency”. As founder of the premium-category and the anchorage in the Top-gastronomy, the brand stands for workmanlike excellence, authenticity and passion.

König Pilsener is a proud partner of first class Entertainment and people who devote to Tasks with full commitment. As “beer partner” of countless entertainment engagements, for instance “Stage Entertainment”, “GOP Variete” or the Cinemas of “cinestar” and “UCI”, König Pilsener stands for Entertainment on the highest level.

Furthermore the Brand is officiate as name giver of the “könig Pilsener Event-Arena” in Oberhausen, which is counting to the most popular and most successful multifunction arenas of Germany and ensuring spectacular live-experiences. Also considerable are the high-class engagements in the sport section, for instance of the “MSV Duisburg”, the “Krefeld Pinguine” or the “HSV”.

For the König brewery its self-evident to combine entrepreneurial success with engagement for society and environment. The foundation for this is formed by the corporate philosophy, which is an orientation device for the employees and records values for interactions between themselves, business associates and consumers. Investments in quality, research and sustainability are further essential parts of the companies responsibility.

The König brewery’s water consumption is approximately 22,5 hectoliter per hectoliter beer, a rate beyond all other breweries in Germany and among the top rated breweries internationally.

Superbrands: the international award for sustainable excellence.