Katjes (Germany) – English

In a world of global commerce and​ ​competition, excellence matters above all​ ​else.

Outstanding brands distinguish themselves​ ​through collaborative enterprise​ ​creative marketing, and superior​ ​products. These are exceptional brands​ ​which stand apart, elevating themselves to​ ​the prestigious distinction ​of being named a Superbrand.

Katjes is a Superbrand.

As a traditional brand Katjes offers a strong product range from fruit gums and liquorice to bonbons and fizzy products. With its flagship brands “Katjes”, “Ahoj-Brause” and “SALLOS” the company is ranked 3rd in Germany, one of the largest confectionery markets in the world.

Katjes Fassin’s success story begins with a little cat and a liquorice recipe which Xaver Fassin brought back from Sicily in 1910. Using this recipe his son Klaus developed small, black liquorice cats called “Katjes” – the Dutch word for “little kitty” which gave its name to the company in Emmerich am Niederrhein.

It was an ambition of the company’s founder, Klaus Fassin, “to do something different and better” and Katjes soon began using only natural and high quality ingredients and no artificial colours or flavours.

In 1971 Katjes embarked on a completely new area of production alongside liquorice production and developed the first fruit gum containing yoghurt: Katjes Yoghurt Gums, promoted with the catchy slogan “Katjes -jes -jes -jes” and achieving increasing popularity over the years.

In recent years Katjes has focused fully on non gelatine products. “Katjes Kinder and Yoghurt Gums have been produced without animal gelatine from the start. With its “I love veggie” campaign, Katjes is on the heels of an unstoppable veggie trend, with part-time vegetarians numbering around 42 million in Germany alone.

In July 2013 Katjes started the first vegetarian Katjes Café – the Katjes “Café Grün-Ohr” – in the trendy “Mitte” neighbourhood of Berlin.

Katjes has won various innovation awards with their veggie best sellers – for example the “Sweetie” in 2012 for the “Grün-Ohr Hase” and in 2014 for “Die Biene Maja” fruit gums.
Katjes’ vegetarian gummy bears – Grün-Ohr Bärchen – also held their own in 2013 as a Best Seller in the confectionery category.

Additionally the company is proud to have been given the gold seal “Kundenliebling 2014″ Deutschland Test award, being acknowledged as one of the “most-loved German brands” in the confectionery/baked goods category.

The numbers tell the success story: According to “YouGov Food Studie 2014 – Wer will’s schon vegan!” Katjes is the best-known veggie brand in Germany.

With its successful veggie strategy Katjes is serving a growing market segment, which it targeted with its 2011 “Be Veggie” campaign. Following the huge success of the media campaign in 2013 the “Grün-Ohr Hase” became a massive star of German TV commercials.

Superbrands: the international award for sustainable​ ​excellence.