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In a world of global commerce and​ ​competition, excellence matters above all​ ​else.

Outstanding brands distinguish themselves​ ​through collaborative enterprise​ ​creative marketing, and superior​ ​products. These are exceptional brands​ ​which stand apart, elevating themselves to​ ​the prestigious distinction ​of being named a Superbrand.

Katjes is a Superbrand.

A traditional brand, Katjes provides a strong product range​ ​from fruit gum and licorice to bonbons and fizzy products.​ ​With its flagship brands​ ​”Katjes”, ​”​Ahoj-Brause​​”​ ​and​ ​”SALLOS” ​the company is ranked 3rd in Germany, which​ ​has one of the largest candy markets in the world.

The success story of the​ ​”Katjes Fassin GmbH + Co. KG​”​ ​began with a small cat and a licorice recipe brought from​ ​Sicily by Xaver Fassin in 1910. With this recipe his son​ ​Klaus developed small, black licorice cats named​ ​”​Katjes” -​ ​which is the dutch word for “little kittie.”

It was the ambition of the company founder Klaus Fassin,​ ​to “do something different and better,” and Katjes soon​ ​began using only natural and high-quality ingredients,​ ​rejecting artificial colors and synthetical flavours.

In 1971 Katjes developed the first fruitgum containing​ ​yogurt: “Katjes Yogurth-Gums,” promoted with the catchy​ ​slogan “Katjes – jes – jes – jes,” achieving increasing​ ​​popularity over the years.

Recently Katjes has placed it’s focus completely on​ ​vegetarian and gelantine-free products, “Katjes Kinder und​ ​Yogurth Gums” are produced entirely free from animal​ ​gelantine. With the slogan “I love Veggie” Katjes traces an​ ​unstoppable Veggie-Trend including approximately 42​ ​​million people in Germany alone.

​I​n July 2013 Katjes started the first vegetarian Katjes-​ Café – the “Katjes Café Grün-Ohr” – in the trend​ ​​neighbourhood of Berlin – “Mitte”.

Katjes wins with its Veggie Topseller​ ​i​n various ​industry Innovation​ ​Awards – for example, the “sweetie” in 2012 for the Green – ear rabb​i​t and in 2014 the ” Maya the Bee ” fruit gums .Even the vegetarian gummy bears Katjes – the green – ear Bears – held its own in 2013 as the “Best Sellers” in the category of ‘confectionery. In addition, the family has a proud carrier of Germany in March 2014 TestLabel”customer favorite 2014″ in gold and thus voted “most popular brand in Germany” in the category Confectionery /​ ​pastry.

Katjes success is evidenced by the numbers: According to​ ​the ‘YouGoy Food-Studio 2014″Wer​ ​will’s schon vegan?”‘

Katjes is the most popular Veggie-Brand in Germany.​ ​With its successful strategy Veggie Katjes serves a growing market segmen​t ​that it has​ ​communicative occupied with the “be Veggie ” campaign in 2011.​ ​Following on from the huge​ ​success of the media campaign in 2013, the Green-ear rabbit the star of TV commercials and​ ​has established itself as a campaign​ ​star on an absolute top sellers level.”

Superbrands: the international award for sustainable​ ​excellence.