AZAM (East Africa)

AZAM is a Superbrand.

Quality comes first! AZAM ensures that when a consumer buys their products they will be buying the best quality available.

AZAM is part of the Bakhresa Group’s family of companies, which began in a humble manner with a small restaurant in the Port City of Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania in the mid seventies. Since then, the Bakhresa Group has emerged as one of the prominent family owned business groups in the region.

AZAM Products are designed to achieve customer satisfaction. They seek to make the highest quality products at the most affordable prices, enhancing the lives of their customers.

AZAM also offers consumers premium quality products including Premium Water, Premium Fruit Juices and Premium Ice-Creams.


The main products under the Azam brand are:

• Wheat Flour

• Maize Flour

• Drinking Water

• Premium Drinking Water

• Coconut Cream

• Tomato Puree

• Ice Cream

• Fruit Juices

• Carbonated Soft Drinks

• Bakery Products

• Biscuits.


AZAM has set the benchmark across multiple market segments in Tanzania, being the first to bottle water, first to produce ice-cream on a commercial scale and first to buy, process and package Tanzanian fruit juice.

Azam products are the highest quality products at the most affordable prices. They try to meet their consumers needs and demands by creating quality driven products and making them available to the market at the most competitive prices possible.

Superbrands: The most respected universal seal of enduring excellence.