ITV – Independent Television (East Africa)

ITV is a Superbrand.

Since its inception, ITV (Independent Television) has enjoyed a leading position in the electronic media market in terms of reach, viewership and share of the market.

Privately owned by the IPP Limited group of companies, ITV started its operations in 1994 with 120 employees, a number which has now grown to over 200 people.

ITV serves a broad market, cutting across age, gender and social economic class, targeting the entire family. ITV offers everything for everybody.

ITV consistently delivers content that viewers find compelling. The greater the number of viewers, the greater the demand from clients to purchase airtime during those particular programmes.

Airing from 8 to 9 pm daily, the main news bulletin is ITV’s flagship program, attracting more than 80% of viewers in the region.

News is gathered continually through a dedicated team of network correspondents in Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo and delivered in by three news anchors. The main anchor delivers local, East African and International news, while the others deliver business and sports news respectively.

In 2012 ITV introduced hourly five minutes news segments, which have become popular as viewers can follow breaking news stories as they develop. ITV also ensures that viewers remain engaged by streaming content online through Facebook and twitter.

ITV is committed to:

• Quality
• Professionalism
• and Good Customer Care

ITV’s system of checks and balances ensures that all programmes and advertisements meets the highest standards of quality and professionalism in the field, establishing ITV as the number one Superbrand in Tanzania for 2013.

Superbrands: The most respected universal seal of enduring excellence.