MeTL Group (East Africa)

MeTL Group is a Superbrand.

MeTL Group is a leading economic force in Tanzania with major investments and successful operating companies in all key business sectors.

MeTL was founded by Gulam Dewji in the 1970s, with a single truck transporting produce, and later the sale of second hand clothing. In 1998, Gulam’s eldest son Mohammed Dewji, oversaw the firm’s move into industrial processing in agri-business and manufacturing MeTL has since grown twelve fold and diversified into many sectors, including agriculture, finance, distribution and manufacturing with current revenues of over one billion dollars.

MeTL’s remains one of Tanzania’s largest and most diverse exporters, commanding an impressive network consisting of people, infrastructure, technology, market intelligence, logistics and distribution.

MeTL procures a wide range of agricultural commodities at the farm gate, with an extensive infrastructure of more than 100 retail outlets equipped with warehouses, vehicles and personnel to clean, process, sort and grade the goods.

METL is known as “The people’s brand.” catering to the everyday needs of consumers. You brush your teeth with Fluordent toothpaste, shower with Ivy/Protector/Mo soap, wash clothes with Poa/Taifa detergent, drink tea grown on a MeTL plantations, using KK sugar or Mo sugar, and Maisha/Masafi water or Pride. Your breakfast is made with Safi Wheat Flour and Safi Cooking Oil, and you wear Khanga/Kitenge clothing while riding a Phoenix Bicycle.

Always introducing new products, MeTL is now launching the Mo range of premium products, including Mo Oil, Mo Laundry Soap, Mo Toilet Soap and Mo Wheat Flour.

MeTL recently introduced cooking oil packaged in 100 ml and 250 ml sachets. Small consumers now have the opportunity to buy in smaller quantities, and no longer have to spend their wages buying in bulk.

MeTL is committed to providing the highest quality of products at an affordable price for consumers. MeTL is truly “The people’s brand” as it meets the needs of the average consumer from the time they wake up to the time they go to sleep.

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