Bidco Oil (East Africa)

Bidco Oil Refineries is a Superbrand.

BIDCO is East and Central Africa’s premiere manufacturer of edible oils, cooking and baking products, personal hygiene products, and laundry detergents and soaps, offering a broad bouquet of brands in 16 countries.

BIDCO’s roots date to 1970 when chairman and founder, Mr. Bhimji Depar Shah established a garment manufacturing company in Nyeri, Kenya.

By 1985, then based in Nairobi, BIDCO transitioned into manufacturing soaps, and in 1991 moved its operations to Thika with the opening of BIDCO Oil Refineries, expanding its family of products to include edible oil and fats.

BIDCO’s expansion continued over the following two decades, with the acquisition of the Elianto business from Unga Group Ltd, the acquisition of Shivji and Sons Ltd, a soap manufacturing plant in Dar-es-Salaam, and the acquisition of Kimbo and Cowboy from Unilever.

In 2010, BIDCO implemented SAP– Enterprise Resource Planning paving way for more efficient and integrated business functions across the board. BIDCO also launched a new product, Olive Gold Blend, in the same year.

In 2013 BIDCO launched Power Boy Pro-Activ Liquid Detergent, a new liquid detergent with Stainex enzymes, supplying 2.5 times more stain removal power than other leading brands, plus antibacterial agents, leaving your clothes free of bacteria and odors, and a long lasting fragrance which leaves clothes bursting with freshness.

Also in 2013 Bidco launched Nuru Scouring Powder and Pure and Natural Active Man — an All-in-one Body soap with antibacterial protection supplying invigorating mint freshness.

BIDCO’s Products, Processes and Services reflect customer’s needs, environmental friendliness, and the welfare of the community; Good Corporate Governance and best management practices and policies. Together these principles provide a strong foundation for future growth and success.

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