Hock Hua Tonic (Singapore)

Hockhua Tonic is a Superbrand.

When it comes to health and wellness, Hockhua Tonic stands out as a leader in the retail market of traditional Chinese medicine products (TCM) in Singapore.

Hockhua was established in 1986 and comprises Hockhua Tonic and Hockhua Holding. Under Hockhua Tonic there are 55 retail outlets throughout Singapore plus 10 outlets in Malaysia. Hockhua Holding it consists of 6 trading companies; that are responsible for import, production, processing and where possible, cultivation of their specialised products.

Today Hockhua offers over 1,000 different TCM products, health foods, supplements and beverages for healthy living. Its three star products include Ginseng, bottled bird’s nest (golden cow), and Abalone (Tiger King).

Hockhua cultivates it own American Ginseng in Ontario, Canada and China Ginseng in Jilin Province,China in order to source only the best quality ginseng. All ginseng are specially selected and shipped to Singapore under climate-controlled conditions to maintain optimal freshness. The processing and grading are carried out in Singapore to ensure that only top-grade products reaches Consumers.

H.W Bird’s Nest imports over 20 grades of superior bird’s nest from Indonesia and East Malaysia. Hockhua has also carried out bird’s nest farming in West Malaysia Since 2009. The popular Golden Cow brand offers a wide range of bottled Bird’s Nest. The manufacturing of all these bottled birdnest are carried out in Hockhua’s own factory in Singapore according to HACCP standards.

Hockhua’s abalones, both wild and aquacultured, are imported from Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and South Africa. The details of the product are clearly displayed on the packaging, including the drained weight of the abalone. This information allows consumers to justify the cost they pay for the product.

Recently, the company published a book called “A Guide to Health Tonic” in 2012, which provides in-depth information on Hockhua’s products. In addition, the company launched it’s on-line purchase store in 2013.

This is the fifth consecutive year that Hockhua has attained Superbrands status, one of the biggest compliments a company can receive. This is the fourth year it has obtained the AVA Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore Food Safety Excellence Award; and in 2012 Hockhua won the Top 100 Singapore Excellence Award.

Superbrands: The most respected universal seal of enduring excellence.