Basco Paints (East Africa)

Basco Paints (East Africa)

Basco Paints is a Superbrand.

Basco Paints has been manufacturing paint since 1976. Basco Paints offers a wide range of

paint and paint related products, including interior and exterior paints, specialised and textured finishes, roof paints, floor paints and wood varnishes.

After attaining tremendous success in the manufacturing and distribution of the economy range of paint products, Basco Products created the Duracoat range of premium paints in 1998.

Since then, the company has become the market leader in quality, durability, colour range, innovation and expertise for both decorative and industrial paints. Duracoat utilizes the latest in modern technologies available.

In 2003 Basco Paints introduced Duracoat Colourmania Centre’s across the country, which offer an Automated Computerised Tinting system with an array of over 7,000 shades!

In 2005 Basco Paints relaunched Duracoat’s advertising platform ‘ask the experts’ together with its ambassador figure ‘ Peter Marangi.’

Duracoat has also developed a range of Anti-Bacterial Paints, specially designed to protect users from common bacteria found on wall surfaces. Duracoat paints are also ecofriendly and have special “Easy Clean” properties enabling stains and dirt to be effortlessly removed from surfaces.

In 2012, Duracoat introduced the “Colour Trends” palette concept into Kenya, developing the ‘Couture Fashion’ palette in collaboration with global colour expert, Kate Smith of the United States. These Palettes where designed to help the consumer mix and match modern days colours without any worry that they wouldn’t blend.

Duracoat was first to introduce the Expert Training Centre programme in the region, a one week course taught at no charge to individuals who are interested in becoming experts in the painting field.

Duracoat’s brand slogan: ‘Ask the Experts,’ reflects the company’s commitment to educating their customers about their brand and products, enabling consumers to better understand their specific needs and find a suitable solution. Basco Paints are smooth, durable, long lasting, high quality finish paints that are ahead of the competition in product range, availability, quality and service.

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