Flavon (Hungary)

Flavon is a Business Superbrand. To preserve our health, we should eat 400 grams of fruit and vegetables daily, which can be challenging.

Flavon provides the most precious ingredients of fruit and vegetables, supplementing every-day nutrition in a healthy way. Launched in 2004 in Hungary, the Flavon max brand is a market leader, selling dietary supplements in 32 countries.

Founders László Gaál, and his wife, Johanna Sziklás, created Flavon after years of personal experience in the food industry. As professional networkers, they understood the key to success is in providing top-quality premium products through a simple and transparent marketing strategy.

Flavon max consumer group boasted more than 200 000 registered club members in 2012. Since its foundation, it has sold more than 2 million bottles of Flavon dietary supplements. This is excellent feedback and a testament to the outstanding quality of Flavon products and customer satisfaction.

At Flavon, health and success go hand in hand. The company generously rewards those who, besides consuming the products, are actively involved in growing their network. This activity is supported by the company’s Network Development Manager, László Gaál Jr.

Let’s see what is essential to success? The basic pre-requisites for successful network marketing businesses are: company background, the product, the payback system and the Club member. To be successful, each must be of equal strength.

Flavon provides the first three: superior and unique products, a competitive payback plan, and the support of a profitable company with offices in Hungary, Poland and the United States. It is solely up to the Club members how strong, stable – and hence successful – they will grow to be.

Flavon generously rewards those who actively grow their network. Commissions paid to club members in 2012 exceeded the magical 10-billion HUF Threshold. You can easily become part of this success story. Find more information at the company’s website: www.flavonmax.com.

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