COOP Jednota (Slovakia)

COOP Jednota  is a Superbrand.

With more than 2300 stores, COOP Jednota is the largest chain offering convenience goods in Slovakia. The COOP Jednota Group is is a market leader, primarily focusing on the sale of fresh food produced in Slovakia.

The consumer cooperative, COOP Jednota Slovensko, was established in 2002 with the merger of the Slovak Union of Consumer Cooperatives (founded in 1968) and COOP Centrum (founded in 1998).

A significant innovation by the COOP Jednota Slovensko is the introduction of its private labels. Its 748 products can be found in three types of stores of different size – POTRAVINY, SUPERMARKET and TEMPO SUPERMARKET.

The private labels of COOP Jednota consist of three main categories:

Dobrá Cena (GOOD PRICE)  is one of the main categories of exclusive brands. Despite the surprisingly low price, these products rank among high quality products.

An elite position in its range of products is held by the category of Tradičná Kvalita (TRADITIONAL QUALITY).

The assortment of private labels is supplemented by several labels called “nests”.

One of the most popular nests is the “Mom´s Delicacies” selection, which includes high-quality traditional products from Slovak suppliers for lovers of traditional Slovak delicacies, providing the taste of home-cooked cuisine.

Traditional quality is also offered in several other nests, including the “Junior” line of products, which are intended for the youngest customers, as well as by the products “Active Life” for those who prefer a healthy lifestyle.

Under the brand COOP PREMIUM, one can find goods with the highest added value for the customer. Its distinction will satisfy even the most demanding consumers.

To promote its brand values within the community, the COOP Jednota Foundation was established in 2001 to develop and support health services, social assistance, education, athletics, culture and the arts. The Foundation provides material assistance to schools and children through programs such as “Jednota for School Kids” and “Don´t leave them hanging around”.

COOP Jednota – “The best domestic Food”

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