Komili (Turkey)

Komili (Turkey)

Komili is a Superbrand.

Komili Hasan and Sons first started to produce olive oil in the Komi Village of Mytilini in 1878. Their olive oil was soon in demand by the Ottoman Palace kitchen due to its superior taste and quality.

Today, Komili is one of the oldest brands in Turkey, celebrating its 135th year in 2013.

Komili products include: Komili Extra Virgin Olive Oil, produced from the best olives in the Aegean region; Komili Extra Virgin Olive Oil Special Line; Komili Riviera Olive Oil; Komili Sunflower Oil; and Komili Corn Oil.

Komili has repeatedly introduced innovative packaging designs for a better consumer experience. In the 70’s one of the biggest problems in the industry was packaging that leaked. In response, Komili developed cylindrical tin cans which resolved the problem.

Komili’s latest innovation in packaging is Komili’s Special Line Series.This series introduces the first custom designed olive oil bottle, produced by Şişecam in Turkey with the revolutionary Jump n’ Pour Cap. The new design represented Turkey with great success, winning the food category award in ‘Worldstar’, the most prestigious packaging competition in the world.

Komili creates product awareness, enhances culture and consumption of olive oil through successful campaigns.

The “Miracle of Nature” campaign launched in 1991 explained the benefits of olive oil and expansion of the olive oil market.

In 1995, the use of olive oil in the “Mediterranean Cuisine” was emphasized, presented as an indispensable element of the Mediterranean culture.

The “Olive Tree” campaign was launched in 1997, orienting consumers toward branded and reliable packaged products.

In 2005, the “Traditional Turkish Olive Oil” campaign once again reminded consumers of the importance of olive oil in Turkish kitchens.

In 2012, Komili introduced a new label, with the ad campaigns “Taste Secrets of Chefs” and “Hot and Cold Tastes,” educating consumers where and how each type of oil can be used.

Komili olive oils are unmatched for flavour and aroma. Komili’s 135 year’s of experience, knowledge, and delicate standards ensure the finest quality in all it’s products.

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