Mondi (Hungary)

Mondi (Hungary)

Mondi Szada Ltd. is a Business Superbrand.

Mondi Consumer Packaging is a globally operating manufacturer of consumer packaging and hygiene components. Core competencies include manufacturing, printing, coating, as well as refining and processing of high-quality films.

A leader in innovation and technology, products manufactured by Mondi Consumer Packaging are used in a wide variety of areas, with the main focus being fast-moving consumer goods.

Mondi Szada Ltd. was established in December 1993 and is part of Mondi Consumer Packaging, a business unit of Mondi’s Europe and International division.

Many of Mondi Szada products are used by consumers during their daily activities without their even realizing it: at home, in the garden, and in products on the shelves throughout supermarket aisles.

The numerous sectors served by Mondi’s products include food and beverage, pet food, detergent and cleaning agents, and hygiene, beauty, and health care products. Mondi Szada provides high-quality mono- and co-extruded polyethylene in printed or unprinted versions, with laminated structures and tailor-made wicketed bags.

At Mondi’s plant in Kecskemét, a universal coating machine and solvent-based laminator produces coated aluminium films for numerous purposes, including various barrier films for gas, moisture, aroma, or light, with a yearly capacity of 3,000 tons.

Mondi Szada listens to the expectations of customers in order to produce the ideal packaging to satisfy changing individual needs, and strives to offer products, processes, and services which exceed expectations.

As cornerstones of the business strategy, Mondi Szada focuses on developing cost efficient, high performance, innovatively sustainable solutions in order to contribute to their customers’ success, and to build long lasting business relationships through excellent customer service.

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